Why we give.

God loves you, and wants to be first in every aspect of your life, including the one area that we hold onto the tightest... our finances. Generosity is our way of saying to God, "I trust you with my whole life, and I'm putting you first." It makes us more selfless, more humble, and more open to God's work within us.  And then, those gifts are used to unlock the power of the mission and ministry that happens in our faith community, changing lives here, in our city, and around the world as we seek to be humble stewards of all God has given us. If you'd like to make a gift, we want it to be as simple as possible... 

Ways To Give

Give Online

We offer a safe, secure option for giving electronically,through this giving portal. You may set up a one time gift, or arrange weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring gifts. Thank you!

Give In Person

We don't pass around an offering plate in our Worship Gatherings, but we do see giving as an act of worship. So, we have baskets in the back, such that you may write a check or make a gift on your way in or out of worship.

Mail A Check

You are also absolutely welcome to mail a check to the church office, or set up automatic bill-pay through your bank. Have the check made out to "The Connection Faith Community" and mail it to office address at the bottom of this page. 

Your gift is an investment in hope...

The Connection not only seeks to help you build your relationship with God and with others, but also to have an impact on our community. So, a portion of your gift goes back out to a worthy "engagement" partner, to help that organization change the world.  Here's how our budget breaks down.

In the last year, The Connection has donated over $1500
to worthy organizations in our community to help them change the world.

Need help figuring out what to give?