Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We value your children!
Our Worship Gatherings are family friendly. We don't have a nursery or children's program because we know the power of what happens when a family can worship together. We have special areas for children to participate, and activities that will help them engage with what's going on around them.  So bring your little ones to worship and enjoy your time!
We also know that you, as their parents, are the best influence your kids can have when it comes to building a relationship with Jesus Christ.  So, to help, we offer downloadable family devotions that coincide with the weekly messages that will walk you through conversations and activities that will help your children develop a love for God and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Family Devotions

Download these family devotions that go along with our message series. You can also find these files in the links to the videos in the "Messages" section of this website